The members of the EUCog network under the EUCogIII project (2012-14) are European researchers in the field of cognitive systems who want to participate actively. Members of EUCogII (2009-2011) and partners in FP6/7 projects within Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics automatically qualify. We shall consider only persons of at least doctoral student standing. "Artificial cognitive systems" is to be broadly understood, but to exclude researchers interested exclusively in natural cognitive systems and researchers interested in mere technical solutions to specific problems.

Under EUCogII and III, members of EUCog were entitled to coverage of their costs for attending members' meetings and a number of other 'sponsored meetings'. This has ended with the EUCogIII project in 2014. Members can meet and discuss with cutting edge AI researchers from around the world who may be from backgrounds as diverse as philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, engineering, biological and neurological sciences, mathematics/physics, computer science, robotics etc. and exchange ideas that were previously diffused only amongst members of the same field. Members can also apply for funding in order to organise their own events or conduct research visits to other institutions for extended periods of time.

Associate members of the EUCog network are people whose participation in EUCog network activities is sufficiently beneficial to the network to warrant covering their participation costs, while they are not full EUCog members (for whatever reason). Typically a person will become an associate member in connection to a particular event or activity of the network.

A person can be invited or can apply for becoming an associate member for an event or activity. (The details are regulated for the particular events or activities.)

The benefits of associate membership shall be identical to that of full membership, with the exception that associate members cannot apply for event sponsoring. (Oxford CC, 22.10.12)

Members, associates and - space permitting - guests are welcome to attend EUCog meetings, but they must register. (Vienna CC, 23.02.2012)