11-12 April 2011 - Fourth EUCogII Members Conference, Thessaloniki

"Embodiment - Fad or Future?"

Organisation: Vincent C. Müller (Anatolia/ACT)

Much research in cognitive science and artificial intelligence has moved away from the notion of a disembodied symbol processor - this move is expressed by words like: embodiment, coupling of environment & organism, enaction, grounding, sensorimotor system, cooperation, dynamic systems, cognitive systems ...

The question is: Does this actually lead to better artificial agents? Does it go beyond the observation that the physical qualities of agents matter for their performance? Will these developments remain a passing fad, a theoretically motivated marginality, or are they becoming the future mainstream?

Keynote Speakers: Martin Buss, Rolf Pfeifer, Gregor Schöner, Tom Ziemke

Venue:Anatolia College/ACT, Pylaia, Thessaloniki www.act.edu.

On the left: «White Tower, Thessaloniki» / On the right: «Raphael Hall, Anatolia College»