Guide to EUCogIII Event Sponsoring

Please note that this is an informal guide. The project partners may decide at any time to deviate from this text.

General Principles

The EU project EUCogIII aims to further cognitive systems research in Europe through various means, with an emphasis on networking activities and education. The project as such organizes events (e.g. its Members' Meetings), but it also encourages the organization of events or sponsors such events, e.g. workshops, conferences, training schools and faculty or student exchanges. In all these events the notion of "artificial cognitive systems" is to be broadly understood, but to exclude work interested exclusively in natural cognitive systems and work interested in mere technical solutions to specific problems.

The budget of EUCogIII foresees some expenses for the funding of such events and EUCogIII invites its members to apply for funding. Funding can only be applied for by network members. These request an online form on:

Financial Matters

As a very general rule, such funding will normally be in the range of 2.000-20.000 Euros. It will always take the form of reimbursement of expenses after these have been made. Please note that EUCogIII will not pay VAT to sponsored institutions if that VAT is claimable by that institution from somewhere else (e.g., their inland revenue or equivalent). EUCogIII will assume by default that any identifiable VAT appearing in institutional requests for reimbursement/funding is claimable by that institution; it is the responsibility of those requesting funds from EUCog to indicate otherwise in the relevant fields of the online reimbursement form: (you will be able to claim expenses for your event through this form, after your event has been accepted for funding).

It is appreciated if events are co-funded by other organizations, if funds are used economically and if a specifiable result can be presented through the EUCogIII website, e.g. the Wiki (once available). Given budgetary constraints and quality concerns, the majority of funding requests is rejected. A proposal is more likely to succeed if it has a clear target that fits the aims of EUCogIII, high academic quality, has advanced somewhat in planning (website, speakers, costs), is economical, has a clear budget and the application is made well ahead of time.

For details of travel and accommodation reimbursement (and what we consider 'reasonable expenses'), take into account our EUCogIII Reimbursement Rules also:

For faculty/student exchanges or visits special reimbursement rules apply that are specified in the Reimbursement Rules. These exchanges should be applied for by the visitor, not by the recipient of the visit. However, approval by the institution or person to be visited is necessary. EUCogIII does not cover labor costs of funded events (this is technically too complex). EUCogIII does not fund 'official events' where an unspecified number of network members can attend with all costs covered. If you want EUCogIII to cover the costs of network members who attend the event, please state this and estimate how many members you want funded in this way. Assume a cost of 1000€ per member covered and include this cost in your 'basic budget breakdown' and your 'Funding requested' below.


Once the online form is submitted, the applicant is informed of the likely timeframe of the decision (not more than 2 months). The submitted data is forwarded to all project partners, who discuss online and vote on whether to fund, and, if yes, but what amount. This part of the procedure is confidential. The applicant is informed of the outcome. An appeal may be made to the Coordinator.

If the outcome is positive, the applicant is required to acknowledge EUCogIII funding on all publications, esp. the website. After all expenses have been made, the applicant uses the standard online reimbursement form to claim the funding. After online submission, the paper version is signed and submitted together with original receipts for all expenses. (If attendance of the event by network members had been granted, the organizer will supply the EUCogIII Coordination Office with the names of those members who are entitled to reimbursement for this funded event. These members will then use the standard form themselves.)

If there are any problems that you cannot solve yourself, please contact Theo Gantinas under

EUCogIII ends on 31.12.2014

EUCogIII ends on 31.12.2014, which means we cannot make any payments after that date. We are therefore unable to sponsor events that end after October 30th, 2014. We will also stop voting on funding applications with the batch of September, i.e. we will not consider applications submitted after August 31st, 2014.

VCM, 29.07.2010
Amended, following Coordination Council decision 14.01.2014 on VAT