ERF WS “Robotics and Cognition”

07.03.2012, 13:30 at the European Robotic Forum, Odense

The European Robotic Forum 2012 will take place at Magasinet in Odense March 5th to 7th 2012 in a 3-day intense Forum event. For more information please visit:


Markus Vincze
Technische Universität Wien

Vincent C. Müller
Vincent C. Müller, Anatolia College/ACT & Oxford University

Motivation and objective

The workshop is a start to bring closer together the robotics and cognitive systems communities, both academia and industry. It is one of the actions taken by the newly starting euCogIII networking action. The objective is to make both communities better aware of their respective strengths and the possibilities to provide better and better service to industry.


In a first step the communities need to begin understanding each other’s language and the possibilities provided. To this end we plan to invite proponents of both sides to freely speak about demand and options. Additionally, we invite open proposals to add to the discussion with a short statement.

Agenda of the workshop
13:30 Introduction (Markus Vincze, Vincent C. Müller)
13:35 Uniting robotics and cognition (Cecile Huet, EU)
13:50 Demands of future robotics and intelligent machines
- Rainer Bischoff, Kuka
- Rodolphe Gelin, Aldebaran
- Egil Utheim, Mektron
- Harri Valpola, ZenRobotics
14:25 Possibilities provided by cognitive systems research
- Patrick Courtney, Perkin Elmer
- Yulia Sandamirskaya, Ruhr University Bochum
- Vincent C. Müller, Anatolia College/ACT & Oxford University
15:00 Open discussion and summary; follow up events

How can participants contribute to, and prepare for, the workshop?

There will be an open call for contributions to enable anyone in the communities to voice her opinion and an open discussion at the end.

Planned follow-up

The results of the discussion will be actively used by the euCogIII board for planning further awareness and synergy activities on creating links between industry and academia. Furthermore, there will be a similar event during one of the euCogIII meetings specifically inviting the robotics community.