25-26 August 2012 - Second EUCogIII Members Conference, Odense

"Soft Robotics"

The focus of this members meeting will be on research in "soft robotics". The term is used collectively for a new generation of robots that capitalize on "soft" designs at various levels - such as movement mechanisms (muscles, tendons), materials, surfaces (skin) - with the aim to achieve some of the flexibility and robustness of biological organisms as well as to improve social/emotional interaction with humans.

The topic will be introduced with a general overview of soft robotics research by Prof. Rolf Pfeifer, followed by talks on specific topics by Prof. Dirk Lefeber, Prof. Giorgio Metta, Prof. Maarja Kruusma, Prof. Fumiya Iida.

On the left: «Odense, Inner Harbour» / On the right: «Odense City Hall and Domkirke»