EUCog online tutorials

  1. Tutorial on Embodiment (Hoffmann & Assaf)
  2. Neuronal Dynamics Approaches to Cognitive Robotics (Schöner et al.)
  3. Control engineering of autonomous cognitive vehicles - a practical tutorial (Sandor M Veres, Nick K Lincoln and Levente Molnar, University of Southampton, April 2011)
  4. Auditory Cognition (Andringa, Denham et al., July 2011)

Tutorials available at the Cognitive Robotics Research Methods Workshop (March 2010)

  1. Affective mechanisms in robots (Robert Lowe, Tom Ziemke)
  2. Developmental psychology (Gustaf Gredebäck)
  3. Neural computation (Cornelius Weber)
  4. Neural dynamical systems (Jun Tani)
  5. General robotics (Giorgio Metta)
  6. Ethics for robotics research (Martin Beck)

Tutorials available at the First European Summer School on Life & Cognition (June 2010)

  1. Extended and Embodied Cognition (Wheeler, Di Paolo, Lenay)

Check out our other educational events, also, for a host of materials online!