29 January 2010 - Second EUCogII Members Conference, Zürich

"Development of Cognition in Artificial Agents"


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Keynote Speakers

Linda B. Smith (Indiana U)

David Vernon (U Genoa)

Heinrich Bülthoff (MPI Biological Cybernetics)

Josh Bongard (U Vermont)

Venue: Science and Technology University - ETH Zürich, Main building, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland.

(The meeting is held in conjunction with CogSys 2010 on Jan 27 & 28.)

[Venue: ETH Main Building]

A Thesis for discussion: "Cognition emerges during development in a close interplay of experience, of the social and physical environment and of the neuronal mechanisms of growth. An understanding of cognition cannot be achieved without an understanding of the development of cognition. It is thus a necessity for artificial cognitive systems to take development on board."