Reimbursement for Non EUCog Members

Applies to Non EUCog Members, e.g. invited speakers at EUCog sponsored events, event participants at EUCog sponsored events etc.


The event organizer visits the following page and enters the names of Non EUCog Members, e.g. invited speakers, participants etc (allowed to request reimbursement).

The event organizer has to be an EUCog Member to access this page. This page can be re-used in the future to add more participants, edit, delete, etc.


Non EUCog Members who wish to get reimbursement are invited to request reimbursement only registration before applying for reimbursement. This can be done through:

  • Click on the link that says "Click here if you do NOT wish to apply for membership in the EUCog network but only wish to register your data as invited speaker, organiser or participant of an event. Use this link ONLY if you were specifically asked to register for reimbursement and you do not wish to become a member."
  • Select the event in question and fill in the rest of the required information
  • Please wait to be accepted as reimbursement only members (a notification will be sent when the application has been accepted).


After being accepted our usual reimbursement form page may be used to apply: