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Deterministic chaos in embodied agents

The aim of the proposed faculty exchange project is to start a scientific collaboration with Professor Takashi Ikegami’s laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

The scientific goal of the visiting period is to establish and rigorously define a protocol in order to apply nonlinear dynamics and deterministic chaos to experiments conducted on human, animals, and artificial embodied agents.

Event dates: 30 Jun 2014 - 31 Aug 2014

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Summer Student Visit at the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, Plymouth University

This student visit is intended on performing experiments for learning tactile gestures on real humanoid robots using a novel hierarchy of Self-Organizing maps that has been developed during my PhD. In the past, similar hierarchical models were introduced by developmental psychologists; however, these computational models have only been demonstrated in abstract domains to relate their learning features to infant cognition, e.g., understanding of causal events, or for gesture recognition. By extending these models, we have made it possible to learn motor skills via imitation in a real humanoid robot.

Event dates: 19 Jun 2013 - 19 Sep 2013

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Research visit of Miguel Aguilera to Randall Beer's Laboratory at Indiana University

The action consists a 3-month research visit of Miguel Aguilera (University of Zaragoza) to Randall Beer’s Laboratory at the Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University, from January 22nd to April 22nd 2013.

Miguel Aguilera has been working in evolutionary robotics and neurodynamical modelling for the last two years for his PhD thesis. Randall Beer’s Laboratory has become worldwide famous as one of the leading research groups in dynamical systems approaches to behavior and cognition, constituting an obliged reference for researchers interested in such topics.

Event dates: January 22nd to April 22nd 2013

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The problem of agency in cognitive systems research

The goal of this network action is to enable a 2-month collaboration between Dr. Tom Froese (an affiliate of the CCNR, University of Sussex, UK) and Prof. Shaun Gallagher, of the University of Central Florida and Hertfordshire. The general aim of the visit is to build on work that was funded by two network actions of the first euCognition, namely Froese's collaboration with Prof. Ziemke. That collaboration resulted in an important publication in the journal of AI; it made significant contributions toward a unified framework of intentional agency in order to diagnose some of the deep problems faced by our efforts in artificial cognitive system research.

Event dates: 1st Oct 2009 - 1st Dec 2009.

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Research visit proposal in Reykjavik University

The goal of this action is to enable a 2 month research visit for Carlos Hernández -a PhD student at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid- to the Reykjavik University / Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents (CADIA)

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Active Vision in Autonomous Mobile Robots

This action is to support the visit of Mr Barry Bentley, from the De Montfort University, to Professor Cangelosi's Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition lab at the University of Plymouth.

Event dates: 1st Jul 2009 - 31st Dec 2009.

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