10-11 October 2011 - Fifth EUCogII Members Conference, Groningen

Information about Groningen

Groningen is located in the north of the Netherlands. It is a typical University town (200.000 inhabitants of which about 50.000 students). The university of Groningen is the second-oldest in the Netherlands an still one of the leading in the country.


The meeting will be held in the Hampshire Hotel-Plaza is a former conference and teaching center of the Dutch Telecom organization. As such it is very suitable for conferences and meetings. It is comfortable, but not luxurious. We have booked a fair number of rooms in the conference venue. It is possible to book hotels in town.

Groningen has (for the non-Dutch) an amazing cycling infra-structure. In fact more that half of all journeys are made by bike and the cycling infra-structure is probably (even) better than for cars. Within town cycling is usually faster as well. That is the reason we have included the option to rent a bike (available from the conference venue if you book a room there, but also available for rent at the train station). Simply following any of a large number of special cycling routes trough (and outside) the town is very enjoyable.

The weather in mid-October is usually fresh, but can be quite pleasant nevertheless. But prepare for rain and wind as well. It may be wise to consult the "rain-radar" (http://www.buienradar.nl/) before you plan a trip (or download an app http://www.buienradar.nl/tekst.aspx?tekst=gadget (number 14 for Android or 21 for Iphone). Often it is possible to predict the on- and offset of rain within minutes.

Groningen has a number of attractions of which the Museum opposite of the main railway station is the most well known. Other museums include a Maritime museum, a Natural History museum, a Graphical museum, and the University museum.