10-11 October 2011 - Fifth EUCogII Members Conference, Groningen

"Autonomous activity in real-world environments"

Organisers: Tjeerd Andringa, Vincent C. Müller

We aim to build autonomous artificial cognitive systems that are to pursue their goals successfully in real-world environments that cannot be fully anticipated, that are not fully known and that change continuously, including other agents. What are the requirements for systems to achieve this aim and how do they differ from current systems? Relevant issues include sensing and experience, habitual and willful behavior, action selection, emotion, 'higher' levels of cognition, cooperation, resource management, etc.

Action selection is not only for survival, but also for thriving: for making the most of the environmental affordances in ways that optimize viability and that gives agents and groups of agents - natural and artificial - the ability on only to control their immediate future but also a measure of control over longer time-scales.

Speakers will include James Moor, Joanna Bryson and David Neal