10-11 October 2011 - Fifth EUCogII Members Conference, Groningen

Conference Venue: "Hampshire Hotel-plaza"

The hotel (http://www.hampshire-plazagroningen.nl/eng/) is situated in southern outskirts of the town in a recreational area that is very suitable for a walk or a bike-ride.

Conference Venue - Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen

Booking the hotel: Please download the provided Word document (right click here), fill it in, print it, sign it, and fax or send it. We suggest not to mail it because Word and PDF are not secure for credit-card info.

Travel to Groningen

Trains between Schiphol Airport and Groningen take between 2:22 to 2:58 hrs.

On Sunday, Oct. 9th, they leave 00, 14 and 44 past the hour (to Groningen)
On Tuesday, Oct. 11th, they leave 06 and 46 past the hour - the 06 one is direct (to Schiphol)

For details: http://www.ns.nl/en/travellers/home

Reaching the hotel

On Sunday we will provide shuttle-bus services from the main train station to the hotel. The shuttle-busses will leave after each arrival of train from Schiphol airport (XX:14 and XX:58. Starting with the train arriving 12:14, ending with the 00:14 train.)

From Groningen Station To Hotel

From the hotel to the town:

  • Easiest is by bike. Walking to the center involves a pleasant 45 min walk along a canal.
  • On Sunday it is possible to use the shuttle-busses back to the station (which is 5 minutes from the center of town).
  • On Tuesday we provide busses back to the train station.