Education Events

EUCogIII Events (co-)organised in Year 2:

SE3-02615/9/13 - 20/9/13International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity, Cortona
SE3-0319/9/13 - 14/9/13Neural Dynamics Approach to Cognitive Robotics --- A Hands-on Summer School
SE3-02226/8/13 - 30/8/13Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction, Cambridge
SE3-01831/7/13 - 3/8/13CogSci 2013, 35th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
SE3-01915/7/13 - 9/8/13The 9th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces - eNTERFACE'13
RV3-00419/6/13 - 19/9/13Summer Student Visit at the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, Plymouth University
SE3-01615/3/13 - 22/3/13Interdisciplinary College 2013: Wicked Problems, Complexity and Wisdom (Spring School)
SE3-0238/3/13 - 9/3/13Robots on Tour, Zurich
RV3-00322/1/13 - 22/4/13Miguel Aguilera to Randall Beer's Laboratory at Indiana University

EUCogIII Events (co-)organised in Year 1:

NE3-00310/9/12 - 12/9/12Postgraduate Conference on Robotics and Development of Cognition RobotDoC-PhD, Plymouth, Sept. 2012
SE3-0103/9/12 - 14/9/12Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School 2012
SE3-0073/9/12 - 7/9/12Neural Dynamics Approach to Cognitive Robotics III --- A Hands-on Summer School
SE3-00926/8/12 - 31/8/12CITEC Summer School 2012: Verbal and non-verbal communication: From experiments to implementation
SE3-01418/7/12 - 28/7/12VVV2012, the iCub summer school
SE3-00216/7/12 - 23/7/12Auditory Cognition - Listening in the Real World, Plymouth
RV3-00110/6/12 - 30/6/12Eugenia Polizzi di Sorrentino IPHC-CNRs, France
SE3-00316/3/12 - 23/3/12Interdisciplinary College 2012

EUCogII Events (co-)organised in Year 3:

SE-0365/9/11 - 16/9/11Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school
SE-0275/9/11 - 9/9/11eSMCs Summer School 2011 - The Future of the Embodied Mind
SE-0294/9/11 - 10/9/11Neuronal Dynamics Approach to Cognitive Robotics II -- a Hands-on summer school
SE-0304/9/11 - 17/9/11Machine Learning Summer School (M. Lopes)
SE-03218/7/11 - 29/7/11VVV 2011, The iCub Summer School
SE-0287/7/11 - 13/7/11Auditory Cognition - Listening in the Real World
SE-02225/3/11 - 1/4/11Interdisciplinary College 2011: Autonomy, Decisions and Free Will
SE-02321/2/11 - 26/2/11International Training School on Cognitive Behavioural Systems

EUCogII Events (co-)organised in Year 2:

SE-01724/9/10 - 1/10/10Neuronal Dynamics Approach to Cognitive Robotics - A hands-on summer school
SE-01819/7/10 - 28/7/10VVV 2010, the iCub summer school
SE-01027/6/10 - 3/7/10Enaction and Cognitive Science
SE-01422/6/10 - 26/6/10First European Summer School on Life & Cognition
SE-00415/3/10 - 19/3/10Toward Autonomous, Adaptive, and Context-Aware Multimodal Interfaces: Theoretical and Practical Issues
SE-01212/3/10 - 19/3/10Interdisciplinary College 2010: Play, Act and Learn
SE-0099/3/10 - 11/3/10RobotDoC Robotics Research Methods Workshop