Workshop "Challenges for Artificial Cognitive Systems II", 20-22 January 2012, Oxford

Oxford Skyline Panorama from St Mary' s Church - Oct 2006


Antoni Gomila, Vincent C. Müller


(From 16:00 on the Friday to 13:00 on the Sunday)


Work on a document describing the major challenges for artificial cognitive systems and preparation for a book publication on the subject.
This workshop builds on the EUCogII Workshop "Challenges for Cognitive Systems", Rapperswil (January 2011)
As a very general guide, the set of challenges should provide a long-term vision and fruitful orientation for present work in cognitive systems.


Eynsham Hall 18km NE of Oxford centre: North Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 6PN. Transport from Oxford centre is provided. Accommodation at Eynsham Hall is booked by the organisers - only if additional nights are necessary, you may book these there (or elsewhere in Oxford).


  1. Getting to Oxford: From outside the UK it is best to fly into London-Heathrow, otherwise to London-Gatwick. From both airports' central bus stations there are frequent "Airline Buses" to Oxford that operate around the clock, from Heathrow ca. every 30 minutes (1.5 hours trip), Gatwick every 60 minutes (2 hours trip) - the buses offer free wifi and electricity sockets. Get off at the last but one stop in Oxford "High Street" (opposite Queen's College).
  2. Bus for Eynsham Hall: Special bus transportation is provided from Oxford centre to Eynsham Hall (ca. 20 min drive) on Friday the 20th at 11:30, 13:00 and 14:30 (and back on Sunday at 13:30 and 15:00). If you cannot make it by 14:30 you need to take a taxi - or consider coming on the previous day.
    Buses leave from the corner of Catte Street and Broad Street, i.e. between the "Old Indian Institute" building of the Oxford Martin School [Google Map] and the Sheldonian Theatre [Bing Map]. Ask for the Sheldonian; anyone knows it.
  3. Walking Directions from the "High Street" bus stop (ca. 5 minutes): From the bus stop, cross the street and walk uphill (West) on High Street until you meet Catte St on your right (ca. 100m), turn right into Catte St and follow it straight on, until the corner with Broad Street on the left (ca. 300m).


Workshop with ca. 30-40 participants (selected by the organisers, if necessary)

Only short presentations/talks

Group work

3 days (1/2 + 1 + 1/2)

  • day 1: arrival & afternoon joint session (16:00-19:00),
  • day 2: group work & afternoon joint session (9:30-17:00),
  • day 3: group work & morning joint session (9:30-13:00) & departure

For details, see the agenda and the materials


All participants will have their costs reimbursed according to the usual EUCogII reimbursement rules (see the 'Members' section of our site), with the variation that overnight stays are paid directly by the organisers and there are only 2 per diem, for each day of travel. Full room and board is provided during the event.

Important: Because EUCogII ends January 31st, we have an extremely short time to process the reimbursement claims from this event. For this reason, each participant must give a printed and signed claim with receipts (as far as possible) to Vincent C. Müller at the actual event. There will be the possibility to print on site. The reimbursement form is here:


We are grateful to Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology for significant logistical support.
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