Tutorial on Embodiment

3.4. Additional Online Lectures


Before we conclude the section on embodiment, we would like to point the reader to a number of online lectures that nicely complement and at the same time wrap up what we have been discussing thus far.


Why morphology matters?

In this lecture, Josh Bongard presents a number of case studies in which the brains and bodies of various simulated creatures are co-evolved. These experiments provide evidence for the crucial role played by agent morphology.

Prof. Josh Bongard
Why Morphology Matters
EUCogII Conference, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 29.01.2010


Bio-Inspired Motor Control for Autonomous Robots

After briefly recapitulating the history of AI and robotics, Fumiya Iida goes on to address the topic of mechanical intelligence that we have encountered before. In particular, he presents case studies on self-stabilization, behavioral diversity, and motor learning.

Prof. Fumiya Iida
ETH Zurich
Bio-Inspired Motor Control for Autonomous Robots
Inaugural Lecture, ETH Zurich, 23.04.2010

The lecture actually starts at min 3:20


Taming large degrees of freedom

In this lecture, Akio Ishiguro attacks the problem of how to control complex bodies with many degrees of freedom. Inspiration is provided by numerous case studies from biology - in particular a slime mold - and then, in a second step, a soft-bodied amoeboid robot is developed. This lecture provides insights into decentralized control that exploits body dynamics and interaction with the environment.

Prof. Akio Ishiguro
Tohoku University
Taming Large Degrees of Freedom - Lessons from a Soft-bodied Amoeboid Robot Inspired by True Slime Mold


Compliant Body as a Source of Intelligence

In this lecture, Koh Hosoda provides additional information on passive dynamic walking, on exploitation of the dynamics of the musculo-skeletal system, and finally it introduces a bionic skin that improves perception - bringing us to the next section.

Prof. Koh Hosoda
Osaka University
Compliant Body as a Source of Intelligence 05.11.2009