EUCognition Meeting 08-09.12.2016 in Vienna


Our proceedings have been published as CEUR-WS Vol. 1855. A full pdf is available for download on our site.
The special volume of Cognitive Systems Research is in the works.

There are two options:

1: Accepted papers & posters can be submitted by us, the editors, to for online proceedings publication (ISSN 1613-0073).

To be part of this, your accepted PAPERS can become short papers (1-2 pages total) or full papers (4-6 pages total), while accepted POSTERS can become short papers (1-2 pages total) or just abstracts. See

We will use IEEE format in A4: . Submissions for this CEUR proceedings volume on, replacing your old submission - this is called "update information" on EasyChair. This time, your paper must be in PDF without any need for further editing.

Deadline for submission: March 31st, 2017


2: There is a special issue of the journal Cognitive Systems Research guest-edited by Chrisley/Mueller/Sandamirskaya/Vincze:

Please note that all submissions to this special issue will be peer-reviewed, and space limitations mean that there can be no guarantee that all submissions will be published.  Furthermore, this is an open call issue, so your submission may be competing with those from people who did not participate in the meeting in Vienna.

Deadline for paper submission: March 31st, 2017

A given paper can be submitted as full paper to either CEUR or Cognitive Systems Research, but not to both. It is possible to submit an abstract or short paper to CEUR and the corresponding full paper to Cognitive Systems Research. And nothing prevents anyone from submitting the presented EUCognition full paper to the proceedings and a different paper to Cognitive Systems Research.