Perception Course Development

The goal of the coordinators combined activity will be to give a new generation of perception researchers a set of novel, for the Anglo-Saxon community, tools to improve models of perception.

Event dates: 23d of April - 30th of June 2009.

They will synthesise new teaching material on the basis of a very relevant French tradition in perception research, which, until now, has been published almost exclusively in French.

This activity will be part of the development of a Perception course (English, Master level) that must develop into one specifically tuned to Cognitive Systems researchers through a combination of well formulated functional demands in combination with clear modeling guidelines.

Danièle Dubois and Tjeerd Andringa will pool their complementary knowledge to write a few chapters on among others:

- the commonalities and differences between sensory modalities

- how these can be addressed with linguistic tools

- how different types of events in the world lead to different linguistic constructs (e.g. unrecognizable sound -> verbs, recognizable sounds -> nouns)

- the representational basis of different forms of perception

- how concepts are constructed by an agent on the basis of structure in the signal evidence in context.