AAAI "Language-Action Integration" workshop

Endowing artificial agents with language and action abilities has been a quest in many Artificial Intelligence (AI) subfields. A number of AI applications require coupling of language and motoric or visual action (and objects), ranging from language-based human-robot interaction to event recognition. Recent years have witnessed great advances in different disciplines that provide the theoretical and technological framework for an interdisciplinary approach to language-action integration.

Event dates: 7th - 11th Aug 2011

Neuroscience research provides more and more evidence on a common neural basis for language and action, both in perception and in production. A growing body of experimental cognitive science findings sheds light on the close interaction and reciprocal influence of language and action in a number of tasks, such as categorisation and learning. On their part, technological advances in multisensory human behaviour measurement have enabled the development of recognitive and generative algorithms for the analysis of sensorimotor representations, ones that are analogical to language analysis and generation models. How could language-action integration benefit from all such developments? If it does, will this lead beyond the current state of the art in real-life AI applications that require generalisation and optimality in language-action integration?

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