SIG-11: Second International Workshop on Stochastic Image Grammars

Syntactic description of images took off in the late 1960s due to the seminal work done by R. Narasimhan, K. S. Fu, A. Rosenfeld, and their collaborators. The notion of stochastic image grammars has come a long way from assigning probabilities to production rules, in the early work, to a more general notion that encompasses hierarchical representations of objects and events, semantic and spatial-temporal contexts, taxonomy of visual categories, and their associated learning and inference algorithms.

Event dates: 12th Nov 2011

Recent work shows that the virtue of image grammars lies in their expressive power to represent an exponentially large number of object and event configurations by using a relatively much smaller vocabulary, and a few compositional rules. This, in turn, enables rich image interpretations.

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Date Posted: 12 November 2011