4th Joint Action Meeting (JAM)

Human life is full of joint actions ranging from a handshake to the performance of a symphony. We are highly skilled at coordinating our actions with those of others to reach common goals, and rely on this ability throughout our daily lives. What are the processes underlying this ability? How does joint action develop? What are the basic principles needed to build robotic systems that can interact with humans? What might differentiate joint action from individual action, both conceptually and in terms of experience?

Event dates: 7th -- 9th July 2011

The scientific program will comprise oral presentations and posters addressing these questions. Contributions will present the latest research and thinking on a range of different topics, including language as a form of joint action, the interplay of perception and action in joint action, and the phylogenetic, ontogenetic, and cultural foundations of joint action.

Date Posted: 7 July 2011