International Training School on Cognitive Behavioural Systems

Cognitive processes - such as inference, categorization, and memory - are not independent from their physical instantiations. Individual choices, perception and actions emerge and are dynamically affected/enhanced by the interaction between sensory-motor systems and the inhabited environment (including the organizational, cultural and physical context). This interplay brings up instantiations of cognitive behavioural systems.

Event dates: 21st -- 26th February 2011

How these aspects can be modeled in order to achieve a machine intelligence close to the human expectations. Do we have already a computational paradigm or do we need to learn more from signals and data?. How much trustful, credible and satisfactory an emotionally colored multimodal system will appear to the end user? Which role will play the physical instantiation and the appearance in the interaction.

In this context, the last COST 2102 training school will substantially shift the focus from the initial approaches and the research topics from which the Action started, devoted to study multimodal signals and their contribute to the interaction, and will set the basis for a new research network, hopefully implemented by a new COST Action.

The school is organized as a series of lectures presented by the invited speakers, with short presentations given by the participants that will focus on recent developments and open problems in the field of cognitive behavioural systems.