ABiALS 2010/11: Spatial Representations and Dynamic Interactions (Workshop)

The workshop series "Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems" was initiated in 2002 and has been held bi-annually since then. The goal of ABiALS is an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange between researchers that are interested in how predictions and expectations enhance cognitive development and behavioral control. ABiALS focuses on learning mechanisms and resulting forms of representations for anticipatory cognition and behavior.

Event dates: 21st -- 22nd February 2011

Over the last years various disciplines have shown that sensorimotor interactions are a crucial component for the development of useful spatial representations and dynamic, goal-oriented spatial interaction routines. Thus, the next ABiALS workshop will focus on "Spatial Representations and Dynamic Interactions", that is, on how internal spatial representations develop (strongly based on sensorimotor, predictive structures) and how these representations are effectively utilized (1) to interact with the environment and (2) to learn more elaborate, dynamic interaction routines. The interdisciplinary exchange will include researchers from the neurosciences, cognitive psychology, neuroinformatics, and neurorobotics.