Workshop on Recogniton and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS2011), 01 - 02.09.2011

The workshop on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS2011) is an international event which will be hold in Malaga, September 2011. The aim of this workshop is meant to bring together researchers which address the problem of Scene Understanding from the perspective of the different involved research communities. Scene Understanding has become a popular topic in Computer Science which combines abilities such as perception, analysis and interpretation of both indoor and outdoor scenes. Hence, it involves joining efforts and sharing knowledge from different research areas such as Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence, Software Engineering and Cognitive Sciences. Scene Understanding underlies many abilities such as visual search, visual exploration and attention guidance, 3D object classification or human behaviour description and recognition. However, many other abilities such as spatio-temporal processing or multi-sensor fusion can also rely on this topic.

Event dates: 1st -- 2nd September 2011.

Currently, the workshop topics have been set and the Program Committee is practically closed. Scene understanding is closely related to several emerging application areas (e.g., smart environments, video surveillance, visual-based mobile robot navigation, wearable sensors, and the detection and understanding of events and activities in video data), being interesting for private firms and non-academic partners. Hence, the workshop also proposes a brokerage event where academic and professional partners can share and discuss about collaboration projects. Finally, the organization is managing to publish accepted papers in LNCS proceedings, as well as publish an extended version of some papers in a well-known journal.

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Date Posted: 1 September 2011