First European Summer School on Life and Cognition, 22 - 26.06.2010

The first European Summer School on "Life & Cognition" will offer an advanced training on contemporary scientific research about life and cognition, by focusing on some of the central theoretical issues in the fields of biological and cognitive sciences. In particular, the school will put the emphasis on the continuity between biological organization and cognitive capacities and will explore some of those concepts and problems (e.g. autonomy, embodied and extended cognition, emergence, functional mechanisms, minimal living/agent systems,...) which could play a pivotal role in an integrated scientific framework of life and cognition. The school will apply a resolutely interdisciplinary approach, by bringing together international experts with diverse backgrounds, including philosophy, cognitive science, theoretical biology and sciences of complexity.

Event dates: 22th -- 26th June 2010.

In addition to a series of lectures in the mornings, the afternoons will be dedicated to workshops and discussions, which will provide opportunities for in-depth discussion and interactions among lecturers and participants (doctoral students, postdoctoral and advanced researchers). Weeklong and residential, the school will address the following themes. Day 1 - Life: autonomous organization and evolution. Day 2 - Fabricating Life: protocells and other possible transients. Day 3 - Complexity and mechanisms - systems thinking and emergence. Day 4 - Extended minds: Prosthesis and interactions. Day 5 - Human agency: ethics & social interaction. The school follows a long series of activities organised by the Philosophy of Biology Group in San Sebastian. In particular, the workshop "Modelling autonomy" ( held in San Sebastian in 2007, has been founded by the first EuCognition program.

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Date Posted: 22 June 2010