5th French computational neuroscience conference, Neurocomp'10, 06 - 08.10.2010

NeuroComp is an annual event in France, which brings together the computational neuroscience community and the experimental neuroscience community, favoring the advancement of artificial cognitive systems. The meeting will take place in Lyon this year. It will include a tutorial day where students will be able to learn about development of artificial cogntitive neural systems and comparison with neurophysiology data.

Event dates: 6th -- 8th October 2010.

The NeuroComp conference contributes to 'state of the art' of computational neural systems, 'challenges' of how these system can be employed in robotic systems, and 'education' (tutorial above) for artificial cognitive systems. One of the goals of the conference is to identify how computational cognitive neuroscience can contribute to artificial cognitive systems. In this context, invited speaker Michael J. Frank will present relevant work related to brain basis of human decision making, and corresponding computational neuroscience modeling.

For more information please visit http://2010.neurocomp.fr.

Date Posted: 6 October 2010