Twelfth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, 08 - 10.04.2010

NCPW stands for Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers to discuss emergent models that address topics of human cognition. These models are mostly, but not exclusively, of the connectionist/neural network kind and are applied to cognitive processes. The cognitive aspects that are addressed range from developing models that bridge the gap between brain and behaviour to developing robots that are able to navigate in unknown territory without external feedback. NCPW sets the researcher and their field at its centre by providing only plenary talks, supporting student submissions, and allowing lots of time for informal discussions. NCPW produces a proceedings book that for many younger scientists forms an important milestone in their work. Importantly, it is one of the few books that collate papers from researchers with as varied a background as psychology, computer science, robotics, mathematics, and cognitive scientists.

Event dates: 8th -- 10th April 2010.

Currently, the website for NCPW12 is live and a Call for Abstracts has been advertised. Three key-note speakers have accepted and cover an interesting range on the spectrum of Theory and Applications. These speakers are: Profs. James McClelland, Peter Hancock, and Jochen Steil. Internally, the rooms and catering have been booked. The contract with the publisher, WorldScientific, for the proceedings book has been agreed and signed.

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