International Summer School

International Summer School on Embodied Language Games and Construction Grammar, 29 August - 4 September 2009, Palazzone di Cortona, Tuscany (Italy).

Human natural languages are complex adaptive systems forever emergent and adapting to the communicative needs of their community. The main goal of this summer school is to explore this new view on language by bringing together

typologists and historical linguists studying language

variation and the emergence of new grammatical structure

evolutionary linguists modeling the origins and evolution of language

cognitive linguists investigating the cognitive foundations of language usage and learning

complex systems researchers using methods from statistical physics to study the semiotic dynamics of evolving languages

computational linguists and AI researchers carrying out experiments to achieve open‐ended communication with autonomous robots through embodied language games.

The summer school gives an overview of the state of the art and compares results obtained from computer simulations and robotic experiments with empirical observations how humans invent and share language‐like communication systems. It features a series of lectures by top researchers in the field, ateliers and master classes providing opportunities for hands‐on experience in setting up and analyzing language game experiments, poster sessions where participants present their own work, and artistic ateliers.

The coordinator for this project is Prof. Luc Steels

Please visit the "International Summer School on Embodied Language Games and Construction Grammar" website for more information.