Planning Meeting in preparation of workshops 'Ethical Implications of Cognitive Systems: Bio and Techno Approaches'

Advances in internet and robotic technologies, as well as biotechnologies are likely to produce large-scale changes in social organization, as well as far-reaching environmental impacts. This raises ethical questions about the responsibility of technological developments in these fields.

Biological and ecological approaches to ethics appear to differ radically from approaches informed by technological and cognitive systems thinking. How is it possible to relate these two kinds of perspectives? To date there does not seem to be much systematic exploration of the relationship between ‘bio' and ‘techno' approaches to ethics, yet clearly there is a lot to explore.

Event dates: 26th - 29th of Jan 2010.

Building on work that has already been done, the applicants would like to develop some common lines of inquiry into these issues, particularly as they affect the ethical implications of cognitive technologies. A first stage in this process will be to have a common meeting at the University of Sussex, to enable the planning of two one-day workshops, one at Sussex and one at Twente.

Ultimately the applicants hope to conduct a systematic study of ethical issues in this area that could inform European policy-makers and technologists concerning how production can best respond to ethical, social and environmental needs within the global community over the coming century.


Date Posted: 26 January 2010