International Workshop on Intrinsic Motivations and Cumulative Learning in Natural and Artificial Systems

The EU funded IM-CLeVeR project (c.n.231722) is organizing the Workshop, whose aim is to set a RoadMap for future research in Intrinsically-Motivated Cumulative Learning (IM-CL) by discussing which are the main open challenges and the most promising research directions of the field. The Workshop will be highly interdisciplinary, including researchers in machine learning, robotics, computational modeling, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and ethology.

Event dates: 15th - 17th Nov 2009.

The workshop will feature:
- 20-25 invited presentations by world-level researchers in IM-CL (2 days)
- one day of focused discussions on four themes:
1. Empirical experiments on IM-CL
2. Abstraction and attention for IM-CL
3. Intrinsic motivations
4. Hierarchical organization of action

Invited presentations will be delivered by three classes of researchers: (1) members of IM-CLeVeR, (2) members of the IM-CLeVeR's International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), (3) other outstanding researchers in IM-CL (conditioned to availability of fundings).

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