Two-day Symposium on AI-Inspired Biology (AIIB)

(Not Biologically Inspired AI -- BIAI !)

There are many ways in which research in AI/Robotics can be and has been inspired by biology. This includes the initial inspiration for AI in its earliest days. That is not the topic of this symposium! There also can be, and has been, inspiration in the reverse direction, which has not been so widely recognised.

The symposium is an opportunity for researchers on both sides of the natural/artificial cognition divide, including biologists studying animal cognition, to acknowledge and evaluate past examples of AI-inspired biology, to report on ongoing projects, and above all to identify opportunities for new ways in which advances in our understanding of natural/biological cognition can be or need to be inspired by concepts, problems, theories and techniques from AI/Robotics, including analysis of requirements for human-like or animal-like robots.

Event dates: 31st March--1st April 2010

Such advances could include: inspiring new research on cognition in humans and other animals, helping us to understand what such cognition achieves, identifying the roles of relevant features of the environment, explaining how the competences evolved, or how they develop in individuals, and proposing new information-processing mechanisms or architectures, better able to explain types of natural cognition.

Progress so far includes constructing the symposium website and promoting the event through mailing lists, notices at CogSci09 and personal emails. To date, we have five invited speakers: Professors Margaret Boden, Nick Chater, Nicky Clayton, Antje Meyer, and Murray Shanahan. We will soon circulate the call for submissions.