Research visit of Miguel Aguilera to Randall Beer's Laboratory at Indiana University

The action consists a 3-month research visit of Miguel Aguilera (University of Zaragoza) to Randall Beer’s Laboratory at the Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University, from January 22nd to April 22nd 2013.

Miguel Aguilera has been working in evolutionary robotics and neurodynamical modelling for the last two years for his PhD thesis. Randall Beer’s Laboratory has become worldwide famous as one of the leading research groups in dynamical systems approaches to behavior and cognition, constituting an obliged reference for researchers interested in such topics.

Event dates: January 22nd to April 22nd 2013

The research visit was proposed to Prof. Beer, who fully supports Miguel Aguilera’s application.

During the visit, the following objectives are intended:

-To receive training in dynamical systems and evolutionary robotic techniques and tools within the prestigious Brain-Body-Environment Systems doctoral program Program at Indiana University.

To familiarize with some of the techniques applied in Randall Beer’s Laboratory for the study of brain-body-environment dynamics of cognitive agents. Concretely, to work with evolutionary robotics and dynamical system’s analysis tools. Specially, we are interested in measures of information transfer applied to dynamical neurocontrollers of embodied agents.

-To collaborate with the research team directed by Prof. Beer to explore evolutionary robotics models to model aspects of autonomous behaviour. The objective is to analyze aspects how self-organized autonomy arises and specially how it can be identified and measured.