NCPW14 - 14th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop

NCPW14 is the 14th in a series of international workshops on neurocomputational approaches to cognition. It brings together researchers from different disciplines such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robotics, computer science and psychology to discuss their work on models of cognitive processes. Previous NCPW workshops have been hosted in various UK cities as well as in Dijon, Liege, and San Sebastian.

Event dates: 21 – 23 August 2014

The NCPW workshops are characterised by their limited size, high quality papers, the absence of parallel talk sessions, and a schedule that is explicitly designed to encourage interaction among the researchers present in an informal setting. During the workshop students, postdocs and more experienced researchers interact in a friendly atmosphere. NCPW regularly produces a proceedings book that for many younger scientists forms an important milestone in their work. Importantly, it is one of the few books that collate papers from researchers with backgrounds as varied as psychology, computer science, robotics, mathematics, and cognitive science.

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