ICRA 2014 Workshop on Active Visual Learning and Hierarchical Visual Representations for General-Purpose Robot Vision

The goal of this workshop is to bring together robotics and computer vision researchers interested in developing advanced cognitive vision systems, capable of active and open-ended learning of visual representations for recognition, tracking, manipulation, navigation, and surveillance on general-purpose robots. The main topic is the development of visual representations and visual learning mechanisms that provide capabilities to acquire new visual models and procedures in an incremental (developmental), open-ended way, grounded in the experiences of the robot acting in its working environment. Active robot exploration can provide new data, which is highly relevant for expanding the robot’s capabilities. However, the solutions how to achieve sharable representations and scalable mechanisms to enable visual learning from a small amount of data, remain vital for the overall success.

Event dates: 1st June 2014

For further information please visit: http://www-hcr.ijs.si/RobotVision/