Symposium "Machine Ethics in the Context of Medical and Care Agents"

This event seeks to bring together some of the leading researchers in the world to discuss theoretical and practical aspects of the use of artificial cognitive and robotic agents in the context of medical care and health care. More specifically, the purpose of this meeting aims (1) to consolidate and strengthen collaboration between European researches in this area; (2) to invite experts from elsewhere in the world to enrich our discussions and (3) to initiate new links, both between ethics researchers (among themselves) and between ethics researchers and technical-scientific people who develop cognitive systems, and those involved in the front-line application of these systems in medical and social care settings.

Event dates: 3 – 4 March 2014

Given the growing importance of the field of cognitive systems for health care and assisted living, the European focus on this area as one of the grand challenges for society (the Horizon2020 programme), and the experience of both applicants, it seems the right moment to explore future directions and opportunities – both in discussions and in more practical matters, i.e. collaboration to set up new projects and attract funding.