NeuroEngineering the Brain: from Neuroscience to Robotics ⦠and back

Engineering and neuroscience have a long history of successful collaborations. Various examples convincingly show that neuro‐inspired approaches not just yield higher performance but also more natural behavior of technical systems compared to conventional engineering approaches. Vice‐versa the field of neuroscience can benefit from bio‐inspired technical systems by inferring insights from such systems’ behaviors (e.g. human‐robot interaction). However, up to date most such projects have not yet left the domain of proof‐of‐concept. Despite the tremendous progress in neuroscientific understanding of higher brain functionality made in the last decade, none of our models have yet made it into everyday technical systems.

Event dates: 2 – 4 December 2013

In recent years, however, computers have made tremendous progress in terms of raw computing power and complexity, and various “neuro‐customized” hardware computing systems have been developed ‐ which together allow significantly more realistic neuronal models to run in real‐time. These systems thereby offer radically new “unconventional” computing options for engineers and especially for research in real‐time robotics in closed‐loop perception, cognition and action systems. The robotics community often is unaware of this recent progress and potential benefits.

The workshop on “NeuroEngineering the Brain: from Neuroscience to Robotics … and back” brings together researchers in the border areas between computational neuroscience and systems engineering with a focus on robotics, to discuss currently available neuromorphic computing systems applicable in upcoming robotics systems.

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