VVV2012, the iCub summer school

The iCub Summer School, "Veni Vidi Vici", serves to consolidate and disseminate skills in software engineering for humanoid robots. Our goal is to foster long-lived academic collaboration on robot software across the boundaries and lifetimes of individual projects. The iCub summer school is a peer-to-peer event; there are no lectures, and no strict division of instructors and students. All participants are expected to be competent C/C++ programmers with an interest in working with others (and an agenda of their own). The school schedule will be organized flexibly around informal tutorials from participants on modules they are working on or interested in. This is the seventh edition of the iCub summer school.

Event dates: 18 - 28 July, 2012

For further information please visit: http://www.icub.org/summerschool