Auditory Cognition - Listening in the Real World (Summer School)

Following on from our first successful event in Groningen, July 2011, we propose to organise a second Auditory Cognition Summer School, this time in Plymouth. Compared to vision, research in audition (with the exception of speech processing) is far less advanced; nevertheless the range of topics and possible applications is just as broad. Auditory cognition covers topics from the analysis of sonic environments to the generation of adaptive responses. Responses can range from detecting sound sources to the generation of narratives that describe the soundscape and its contents. Modelling this process and predicting likely sound annoyance or enjoyment of sonic ambiance is an unsolved challenge for current technology. Understanding the cognitive processes underlying auditory perception in real-world scenarios is therefore of importance both from a scientific and a technological perspective.

Event dates: 13 - 16 of July, 2012