EUCognition - European Society for Cognitive Systems

[Formerly "European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics"]

EUCognition is a European network of more than 1000 researchers in artificial cognitive systems and related areas who want to connect to other researchers, reflect on the challenges of the discipline and get their research 'out there'. - You are invited to become a member of the network if you are doing research in a relevant area and are interested both in natural cognitive systems and technical solutions.
- Note that since 12/2014 EUCognition is not supported by EC research funding, so we have no budget to support member or meeting costs. Some parts of this website are from the EUCogII & III projects and do not refer to the current EUCognition society. -

Next EUCognition Conference:

27-28.09.2018 in Hamburg on "Social Cognition in Humans and Robots"
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EUCog runs the "EUCog General News" Google group. This moderated low-volume list will keep you updated on activities of EUCog, related conferences, projects, calls for papers, etc. If you are a member and wish to post to the group please send an email to . The "EUCog General News" group is open to anyone interested. If you are not already a member of this group you are welcome to join here →

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Vincent C. Müller

President, European Society for Cognitive Systems

Anatolia College/ACT
Tel. +30 2310 398342
Kennedy Street
P.O. Box 21021
55510 Pylaia, Greece

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This site was run by the EUCogII and III projects (2009-14). The site of the euCognition project (2006-2008) has been retained completely. Click here.