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Prof. Lars-Erik Janlert


Umeå University

EUCogII Member ID: 1832

Research website:

Research Interests


  • Janlert L E (1987). Modeling change – the frame problem. In Z Pylyshyn (ed.) The robot's dilemma: the frame problem in artificial intelligence.
  • Surie D, Pederson T, Janlert L E (2010). The easy ADL home: A physical-virtual approach to domestic living. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments 2: 287-310
  • Billing E, Hellström T, Janlert L E (2010). Model-free Learning from Demonstration. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence: 62-71.
  • Billing E, Hellström T, Janlert L E (2010). Behavior recognition for learning from demonstration. ICRA 2010 IEEE International conference on robotics and automation: 866-872
  • Sjölie D, Bodin K, Elgh E, Eriksson J, Janlert L E, Nyberg L (2010). Effects of interactivity and 3D-motion on mental rotation brain activity in an immersive virtual environment. CHI 2010: 869-878
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