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Ms. Marilyn Panayi


City University London UK & Ensomatica London UK

EUCogII Member ID: 1760

Research website:



Research interests (website):

Research Interests

  • Future and Emerging Technology Design
  • Gesture
  • Pedagogy and Science of Learning
  • Rehabilitation


  • M. Panayi., D.M. Roy 2005 Spatial Cognition in Action: SCA
  • Modeling Language, Cognition And Action: Proceedings of the Ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, University of Plymouth, UK, 8-10 September 2004, Progress in Neural Processing - Vol. 16
  • Eds:Cangelosi, Angelo; Bugmann, Guido; Borisyuk, Roman
  • ISBN10:9812563245,World Scientific Pub Co Inc
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  • M. Panayi, D. Roy, N.O. Bernsen, O. Cakmakci, K.D. Paepe and W. Van de Velde (1999)." Today's Stories" In H. Gellersen (Ed.) Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. 1707, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg: 1999, p. 321-324.
  • Roy D, Panayi M, Erenshteyn R, Foulds R, Fawcus R (1994) Gestural human-machine interaction for people with severe speech and motor impairment due to cerebral palsy. Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. New York, NY: ACM. pp. 313–314.
  • Recently cited
  • Citation: Kelso JAS, de Guzman GC, Reveley C, Tognoli E (2009) Virtual Partner Interaction (VPI): Exploring Novel Behaviors via Coordination Dynamics. PLoS ONE 4(6): e5749. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0005749
  • D.Roy, R.Erenshteyn, M.Panayi, W.Harwin, R.Foulds, R.Fawcus, Computer Recognition of Impressive Dynamic Arm Gestures of People with Severe Motor Impairment. Proceedings of World Congress on Neural Networks, San Diego, 1994, vol.2, pp.191-196.
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