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About EUCog Wiki

EUCog Wiki is a modifiable directory of European research in Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics. The Wiki’s goal is to achieve a "who’s who" and "what is what" representation of the network's members and activities. This is done by interlinking researchers, research areas, research disciplines, and events, therefore promoting rapid access to relevant expertise.

EUCog Wiki's access is open, but only members of the EUCog network are editing its content. Members' contributions are unreviewed.

  • As a member of the EUCog network, EUCog Wiki offers you the possibility to make yourself, your research projects and your publications maximally visible within the EUCog community and beyond. You can edit your personal page, add further information and enrich the Wiki with pages that describe your projects, publications and illustrate relevant general areas.
  • As an external user, you have full access to the information in EUCog Wiki. The only crucial restriction applies to your editing capacity.

Thank you for your interest in cognitive systems research in Europe.

Vincent C. Müller (EUCogII coordinator)

Ron Chrisley (responsible of the EUCog Wiki project)

with Jenny Prince Chrisley, Ilias Nitsos and Alberto Montebelli (EUCog Wiki Team)

Getting Started

  • Only logged-in members of the EUCog network can create or edit EUCog Wiki pages. You can click on the following link to fetch your password. Your username is your numeric EUCog ID (4 digits), which you can also find here. Check this page for further details about your login information.
  • Even if you already use Mediawiki powered websites (e.g. or but you are not familiar with this technology, you might find useful the basic information contained at the page Minimal guide to an effective use of EUCog Wiki.
  • If you are a member of the EUCog Network, we welcome your contribution as editor or creator of relevant EUCog Wiki pages. You can find detailed instructions at the page Instructions for Editing Wiki Pages.
  • Explore the currently active Topics, contribute to them or to one of the other existing topic pages (for a complete list see here) or create new ones.
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