EUCognition - European Society for Cognitive Systems

Formerly "European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics"

EUCognition is a European network of more than 950 researchers in artificial cognitive systems and related areas who want to connect to other researchers... Read more →

EUCognition Conferences 2016-18:

8-9.12.2016 in Vienna on "Cognitive Robot Architectures"
23-24.11.2017 in Zurich on "Learning: Beyond Deep Neural Networks"
27-28.09.2018 in Hamburg on "Social Cognition in Humans and Robots"


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Vincent C. Müller

President, European Society for Cognitive Systems

Anatolia College/ACT
Tel. +30 2310 398342
Kennedy Street
P.O. Box 21021
55510 Pylaia, Greece

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